Walking into the lair of the beast…

I guess you could say that I’m an “idea man”.

My greatest pleasure from writing comes from the energy of madly dashing down a story idea as it bubbles to the surface of my consciousness, akin to a game show contestant frantically grabbing $100 bills swirling around in a glass booth.

I usually can rough out a solid plot, protagonist and/or antagonist, and it usually has elements of conflict and morality. To anybody other than myself, it might look like mad scribbling’s of pencil on paper, but it’s usually enough to capture the message.

And that might be part of the problem…

Once I know the “how” of the story, have the firefly in the bottle as it were, I have almost no desire to flesh out the story into something readable. To sit in front of my laptop and try to form proper sentence structure, tenses, grammar, and million other things that have never been my strong point, causes massive amounts of stress.

This isn’t anything new, I’ve known this for years, and is probably the reason why I’ve walked away from writing in the past, but at least now I’m admitting it to myself (and you).

What’s the point of having a story to tell, if you can’t tell it? I need to meet my fears head on, tackle my weaknesses, and improve.


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