“You mean I have to do something?”

I’m sure every author starts off thinking that writing that book, novella, or short story will be the hard part, I know I did, sadly I was wrong.

What I’ve learnt, is that everything after “The End” can be a struggle as well, and not always an enjoyable one. I write because I enjoy it, I like sharing a part of myself with the reader, conveying that hard learned life lesson. The written word is my preferred method, because verbally I come across as an idiot!

I don’t like the “selling yourself” part of the process, but that needs to change.

This weekend is the East Coast Comic Expo and my used bookstore Fictionfirst Used Books will once again be having a vendors table at the event. Selling my used books isn’t much of a chore for me, since most of the people who are looking at them are fans of the genre, and are therefore upstanding citizens and are of above average intelligence.

The issue is that I’ll also be selling my works…

This year I will be selling copies of the two anthologies in which I have short stories published Sci-fi from the Rock and  Fantasy from the Rock. Last year I dragged along a couple of copies of SftR and put then on the end of my vendors table and basically ignored them. I sold one copy, and that’s only because the guy hounded me!

This year, that will be changing.

While the majority of my table WILL be focused upon my bookstore, I am creating a special display for the two anthologies. I made an Author Bio sheet, have stands to showcase the two volumes, and even a “free candy” bowl as a icebreaker.

Do I hope to sell a couple of books? Sure I do, but I also hope to connect with other nerds and geeks and become comfortable selling myself, rather than a product.


4 thoughts on ““You mean I have to do something?”

  1. Writing for me is the easy part. I’m not a great salesperson though I’ve realised I must become at least a mediocre salesperson if I’m going to sell my books. Two years ago, I did markets every weekend (sometimes two a weekend) from March until mid-December. It was grueling, but I sold a lot of books and met a lot of wonderful people.

    Good luck with the event this weekend.

    By the way, I love the word ‘learnt’. Not everyone can appreciate it.

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