“I can write at work?”

Well… maybe not in the way that you’re used too, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be productive.

My “real life” job is as a boiler and refrigeration operator for a government facility, and in the summer things can be pretty slow, which means general maintenance jobs are a part of my day.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t enjoy mopping mechanical room floors, but it does allow my mind to wander and that’s an important tool.

For me, if I can allow my body to go into autopilot, my mind can disengage from the real world for a while and skip down the narrow hallways of my mind. This is a perfect time for me to explore a world in which I have a story placed, maybe that town I mention in a previous story now features in a new one. Perhaps an idea that had been flitting around like a bird finally sits still long enough for me to get a good look at it and “capture” it.

I used to beat myself up for being too tired to write in the evenings after a long physical day, but now I realize that “wool gathering” can also be an important part of the process and lays the groundwork for when I do have the time to put pencil to paper.

Writing can be with us throughout our day, we just need to “find” it.


One thought on ““I can write at work?”

  1. Jobs like mopping, shovelling, washing the dishes or mowing the grass are perfect for fleshing out ideas. And with a phone in the pocket, one click can give us a mic to record it and continue on our way. I’ve dreamt up a lot of characters and plots while washing dishes. For me though, the difficult part is turning the imagination off. I can be having tea with friends and a comment or scene outside the window will trigger a story idea.

    Writing: it’s the only profession you can do anywhere at any time.

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