Genesis of a writing area…

Hey kids,

Sorry for the lack of contact lately, but there is quite a bit going on in my world at the moment, sadly none of it involves writing.

Well, that’s not 100% true.

The fiance and I took possession of our new  (to us) home on the 15th, though neither of our homes has sold yet, hooray for 3 mortgages!! The process of moving will take a while as we’re making some flooring changes in 3 rooms and modifications to the master bedroom.

Though through intense negotiations, I was able to slip in a clause into the “cohabitation agreement” (page 27, paragraph 3, subsection K) which will allow me to have a dedicated writing area.

It will be a little corner in our downstairs den, my back will be to the fireplace and I’ll be away from a lot of the noise from the playground across the street.

I hope to make the move soon and get it set up, I’m eager to put pencil to paper.


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