Is “Cable” an anchor to my writing?

In the process doing renovations to new house and slowly moving possessions from old one, I found it necessary to cancel my internet and cable at the old house to save a few bucks. That meant when I got home from work, I had nothing to entertain myself with. Even my T.V. and laptop were already at the new place and a person can only play so much Candy Crush on their phone before their mind turns to jelly (pun intended).

I have no lack of books to read, and this has given me a chance to do some catching up in that department, but I also noticed an unintended side-effect of no cable TV, my imagination bloomed.

After a very intense dream (I almost never remember my dreams), I started working on a project that continues to stay with me more than a week after the dream. Now when I get home from my day job, and deal with the long-suffering cat (just ask him!), I sit myself down at the kitchen table (only chairs left in the old place) and scribble out a page or two of my story.

My dream has quickly turned into full-fledged novel idea with even a minor cliff-hanger allowing for a sequel.

Is it coincidence that the best novel idea I’ve ever had, came to me after cutting out cable? Maybe so, but I challenge you to give it a try,  give yourself a 5 day challenge of no TV, Netflix, DVD’s, etc… and see if your subconscious opens the floodgates within you. It could be that a great idea is just waiting to break out if we allow our brains to create, rather than having it force-feed another’s work.

Oh, and for those of you interested, I didn’t have cable installed at new house, Fibre-Op yes, because I’m not a Neanderthal 😉



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