Do you have a writing nook?

Up until very recently, the majority of my writing took place wherever I could find a bit of free space, usually the kitchen table or my desk at work, but it always took a while settled and comfortable.

I’m self-aware of my personality well enough, they I knew I needed structure and stability if I was going to get any serious writing done, and by serious, I mean more than two sentences a day…

So, after a period of intense negotiation with the fiancé, in which I succumbed to her choice of paint colour in the Master Bedroom, I was allowed to have a writing area.

It’s been a project on my mind for several months now, I would look at the area as I lugged a piece of baseboard out to the garage to try to cut “longer”, or one of a thousand loops throughout the house as I looked for tools that grew legs…

Last month I finally allowed myself some time to get it into shape. Above an old and battered computer desk, I made two shelves, one for reference books, and the other for a growing collection of novels published by local authors (and friends). I consider that shelf my motivation shelf. When I get stuck, or the “Black Dog” comes barking, I look up at their efforts and know that they want me to succeed.

I still have some minor adjustments to the setup to make, but with “Grump the Gargoyle” keeping an eye on me, I know my productivity will improve.

Time to get writing!


3 thoughts on “Do you have a writing nook?

  1. Hopefully your fiancee’s choice of bedroom colour is tasteful, but I think you got the better part of the bargain.
    I have grand dreams a writing caravan (think ‘Stardust’) but for now I have kids to watch so that (and privacy) will have to wait. Someday!

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