Book Review #3 “One’s Aspect to the Sun” by: Sherry D. Ramsey

In an effort to support regional authors, I’m reviewing books written by Atlantic Canadians. These reviews are from a layman’s point of view, I don’t have any special insight, just like what I like.

Too often the stories I have been reading have been filled with throw away characters and mindless action, this story is certainly NOT that.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s action and lots of it, but is serves to progress the story and leads up to a well crafted climax. Speaking of characters, they feel like real people, each with their own strengthens, weaknesses, and secrets.

At it’s core, this is a story of family, whether they are blood or not. A family that has to deal with the realization that Captain Luta Paixon has been rendered nearly ageless and how that effects her family and herself.

Part detective story, part space adventure, and a great introduction to the “Nearspace Universe” crafted by the author.

I can’t wait to start book 2.

5 out of 5 stars


Flash Fiction/Photography Contest | Deadline April 30! |Engen Books | Kit Sora Photography!

I already have an idea for this contest brewing…

Engen Books

BannerEngen Books is proud to team with the imaginative and creative people of Kit Sora Photography to bring you the “Flash Fiction Photography Contest”!

Every month we’re going to upload one of the photos from the amazingly talented Kit Sora, a local Newfoundland artist known for her stunning work with props, lighting, and imaginative designs. Kit uses her art in a variety of fantastical settings, so we’re tasking the authors and creative minds of the Atlantic Provinces to write short fiction based on the subjects!

The catch: these entries must be short: a maximum of 250 words! Thus we have the Flash Fiction/ Flash Photography Prize from Engen Books and Kit Sora Photography. Every month Engen and Sora will select a winner from eligible entrants.

Winners will be crowned the prize-winner for that month and be allowed to use the title of “Prize/Award Winner — X Month” on their writing…

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Camp NaNo and the Quest for a Story.

With everything else going on in my world (Winning a writing contest, becoming a best-selling author, and having a reprint sale with a Canadian small press), I was feeling good until I stumbled upon my NaNoWriMo novel from November.

Alone and forgotten, “Lost in the Whirlpool” sat in my laptop bag, a mass of pages held together with a bulldog clip until the other day.

On the advice and encouragement of writer friend Sherry D. Ramsey (Sherry’s titles on Amazon) I joined her “cabin” at Camp NaNoWriMo.

I set myself the goal of doing 2000 minutes of revisions since Camp NaNoWriMo allows you the flexibility in your goals.

My fresh eyes found a hot mess in front of me, and no clear idea how to start. Panic set in as I became overwhelmed and considered backing out of “Camp”. This is familiar territory for me, I’ve found that when I feel overwhelmed by something, breaking it down into smaller sections keeps the panic at bay and allows me to focus.

It’s been a winning strategy for “LitW”. I took that bundle of papers and divided them into the three main parts of the story, with the secondary POV characters off to the side.

Now I need to weave in those POV’s and figuring out my chapter breaks etc… before the real work or revision/editing begins. I have NO DOUBT that more experienced authors are shaking their heads at my method, and who knows maybe they’re right. All I know is that I’ve started something I’ve put on the back-burner for far too long.


Winner: “Sea Monkeys” by Peter Foote | Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest

I won a writing contest!

Engen Books

After much deliberation, Engen Books is proud to announce the winner of the March 2018 Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest: Peter Foote with his story, Sea Monkeys!

We received over forty submissions for this month’s collection, all of them spectacular in their own right. To find the winner we used a double-blind alternate-vote method, in which no judge knew the name of the person who had written any story. Each judge then compiled a list of their own personal Top Ten picks, and each entry was assigned a point title. The lowest entries were whittled down every round until only one remained!

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Chillers from the Rock becomes an Amazon Canadian Bestseller in 4 categories: Vampire, Werewolf/Shifter, Vigilante Justice, & Hot New Thriller Releases!

#1 Canadian bestseller!

Engen Books

Chillers from the RockChillers from the Rock, the third volume in the modern From the Rock series, hit #1 Bestseller in 4 different categories on March 18, 2018: a full 10 days before its release. The categories include Vampire Thrillers, Werewolves & Shifters, Vigilante Justice, and Hot New Releases – Thrillers. As of this writing it has reached #116 on the overall paid Amazon ca charts.

Chillers from the Rock features twenty-five short stories written by a diverse mix of some of the best suspense and horror authors in Atlantic Canada, including both award-winners, veterans of their craft, and brand new talent.

Edited by Erin Vance and accomplished genre author Ellen Curtis, this collection features the thrilling, creatively charged, astonishing fiction that showcases the talent, imagination, and prestige that Atlantic Canada has to offer.

Featuring the work of Paul Carberry (Zombies on the Rock), Kelley Power (Winner of the Newfoundland and Labrador…

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Author Peter Gillet penning second novel

Supporting Atlantic Canadian Genre Authors.

The Book Closet

Sources close to author Peter Gillet say he is “well underway into his second novel.”

His first book, Mind Full of Prose is the exciting first collection of short works by author Peter Gillet. Gillet’s imagination has created worlds of horror, fantasy, science fiction, and Lovecraftian genres in which believable characters play by their own rules. Interwoven with these are cartoons of whimsy and thoughtfulness. Gillet rounds out these offerings with album reviews of independent musical artists and other works.

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