I’m a member of the club!

The other day, a long anticipated e-mail showed up, telling me my short story “The Silence between Moons” was rejected for a reprint collection. And do you know how I felt?


I’m sure you’re scratching your head a bit at that, I mean who doesn’t want their stories to be published right?

Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved seeing it included in the collection. Every author feels a sense of accomplishment knowing that eyes other than their own have read and enjoyed their work, but I’m also proud of myself for submitting it, sharing a part of myself with strangers. Isn’t that what we do? Pour our heart and soul into the written word, opening the shutters on feelings that we might otherwise have difficulty sharing in the “real world”?

If anything, this “rejection” has given me a shot in the arm to write more, to dust off partly completed projects and revisit them, to turn my stack of WIP’s into finished stories.

Oh, and do you know what I did with that rejected story? I submitted it to another market the next day!